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About Us

Centrex Technologies – Laundry Software & RFID Specialists

Centrex Technologies is an international corporation specializing in the development of advanced laundry software and RFID technologies to improve linen management for hospitals, hotels and commercial laundries.

About Centrex Technologies

“Centrex Technologies Director Kevin O’Hara and staff at Gulf Laundrex exhibition – November 2015 in Dubai UAE”

Our flagship Linenweb Laundry Information System has set new standards for the textile industry. With significant investments each year in R & D over the last 15 years, the Linenweb system is now a powerful and sophisticated solution, providing an extensive range of functionality to almost every aspect of laundry business operations along with many valuable reporting tools and management alerts.

Our customers range from small, on-premise laundries to major statewide or national operations with multiple laundries integrated under a single web based application.

These laundries service some of the world’s leading hospitals and luxury hotels and provide, through the Linenweb system, a wide array of on-line ordering, reporting and linen management services to their customers that set them well above their competitors.

Our company also has deep expertise with the latest RFID technologies:

  • We are a turn-key RFID supplier, providing RFID consultancy;
  • Engineering site and system design including process mapping and benefits analysis;
  • Software integration to multiple systems;
  • RFID software applications;
  • Advanced reporting, installation, commissioning;
  • Training and 24×7 support.

We also supply all the RFID hardware you need:

  • RFID tags
  • antennas
  • readers and mobile RFID scanners
  • A range of our own specialized RFID equipment:
    • RFID Scanning Portals
    • RFID Smart Shelf systems
    • RFID Light systems
    • RFID Identification systems

Centrex Technologies commenced operations in 1997 and have our head office in Chicago, Illinois USA. To better service our global customers, we also have offices in Sydney, Australia and Dubai, U.A.E. We are an independent, private company, fully owned and funded by the founding directors.

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