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RFID systems from Centrex Technologies allow Laundries, Hospitals and Hotels to optimally manage their linen and uniform inventory through improved and highly accurate inventory tracking.

“Linen and uniform losses are a major ongoing cost for hospitals and hotels today. Losses can average 20% to 40% of inventory each year or more.”

RFID Systems


Through a combination of our Linenweb® Laundry and Linen Management system technologies and RFID technology expertise, Centrex Technologies can customize a RFID solution for you that provides detailed item tracking and advanced automation so loss areas are quickly identified and eliminated.

We combine the latest RFID technology with our proven Linenweb® internet-based software. Centrex can integrate this with RFID scanning portals, smart shelf systems that monitor stock levels in real time, cart (trolley) tracking, automatic linen location routing, automatic re-order, automatic RFID operator indication light systems, security cameras, alarms and guest billing.

Centrex RFID Systems also offer a wide range of mobile system applications with long range RFID scan units to provide a powerful management system that can save medium to large laundries, hospitals and hotels US$1m or more per year.

The Linenweb system has a wide range of RFID system reports and graphs, including inventory aging, wash counts, facility distribution, loss analysis, loss alerts, operator performance, delivery validation, real time stock levels and many more. There are also a number of reports that can be automated to email a range of daily statistics to nominated staff. These reports can also be integratedfor automated billing or alerting on item reissue.

Centrex Technologies provides complete “turnkey” RFID system solutions, with design, RFID Equipment Supply, RFID Laundry Tags and Readers, RFID Scanners, RFID Portals, RFID Smart Shelf Systems, RFID Local Server Software, Linenweb® Laundry and Linen Management Software, installation and training.

In addition to this, we provide advanced system monitoring which alerts our Support Center of any system issues, which means comprehensive, detailed 24×7 automated system monitoring and support for all of our installed systems.

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