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Linenweb® Laundry Benchmarking

What is Laundry Benchmarking

How do you do laundry benchmarking

These unique services involve a detailed analysis of your complete laundry operation with results compared to best practice to identify areas for cost savings and operational improvement. Areas targeted include operator performance, energy consumption, process optimization and machine performance.

When matched with our Linenweb® Integration Services, these results can be viewed on-line in real-time, which allows management to be alerted immediately of performance or operational shortfalls so that remedial actions can be effected before productivity is impacted.

In the implementation of our Linenweb® Laundry Benchmarking Services, we build a detailed software model of your laundry. This model can then be used as a “test-bed” for major operational changes, such as forecasting benefits to be gained from a new equipment purchase, changes to laundry production processes or analyzing the impact of adding a new major customer.

Management can then be confident that the new changes will yield the desired benefits and that potential problems are identified in advance.

Our benchmarking database comprises over 15 years of detailed statistics derived from more than 100 major commercial laundries. Contact us today and take the next step to secure your business for the future.

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