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Linenweb® Surgical Pack System

How to do surgical pack system

This is how you do surgical pack system

The Linenweb® Surgical Pack system provides the optimal solution for managing the production and administrative processes for Surgical Packs.

The system comprehensively tracks the pack components, packs and exchange carts throughout the complete process from item input, utilization, history and disposal.

Linenweb® Surgical Pack System

The system provides an electronic ordering system with a range of options. There are also purchasing, inventory management and invoicing modules plus a wide array of management reporting, including detailed item history, usage analysis, item trends plus plant and operator performance.

The Linenweb® Surgical Pack System has many advanced RFID options. These include Barrier and Isolation Gown automated tracking of wash counts and alerting for retest and end-of-life.

  • The system links with your weighscales, count stations and financial systems and has item and pack tracking using the latest RFID technologies.
  • The system comes with a full suite of installation and training services, plus our comprehensive 24 x 7 support and management services.
 Linenweb Rfid Scanner, Rfid Scanner

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