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Linenweb® Curtain Management System

Leading curtain management system

Curtain management system that will help your company keeps track their curtains

The Linenweb® Curtain Management System provides the optimal solution for tracking and managing cubical curtains and drapes used throughout hospitals.

curtain management system

This ensues regular rotation and cleaning of all curtains, thereby minimizing the spread of infection, enhancing cleanliness of wards and is in full compliance with the new Joint Commission (JCAHO) hospital accreditation standards.

The system tracks the various curtains through scanning of embedded RFID tags at various points in the curtain usage cycle. This allows a detailed curtain inventory to be maintained, displaying the current stock levels at each point along with the current location of any individual item at any time.

The system also allows a regular rotation schedule to be set up for the entire curtain inventory and ensures that curtains are regularly replaced and, once laundered, are returned to original position
Curtain rotation can be done either by manually initiating changes at unit or room level, or by using the auto-scheduling feature which tracks the length of time each curtain has been hanging and prompts for replacement in accordance with nominated preset limits. The auto-scheduling system also includes a forecasting tool to assist sites with better labor planning.

The system uses the latest handheld and internet technologies. Implanted RFID chips are easily scanned using versatile handheld computers with color touch screens, uploading results when complete via WiFi network. All management and reporting is then done through a secure internet based application, that is very sophisticated but surprisingly easy to use.

Linenweb® Curtain Management System helps hospitals:

  • Minimize the spread of infection
  • Enhance ward cleanliness
  • Meet accreditation standards
  • Improve patient care
  • Maximize the valuable hospital curtain inventory

Cubical Curtains from Sereneview - optimized with Linenweb Curtain Management System

Latest Generation Cubical Curtains from Sereneview are optimized with Linenweb® Curtain Management System


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