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Linenweb® Hospital Benchmarking

Hospital benchmarking

Are you looking for a hospital benchmarking tool

This unique system gives you all the tools you need to become your own expert Linen Management Consultant. Our Linenweb® Hospital Benchmarking System automates the comparison of linen usage data across your hospital departments against our database of hundreds of hospitals.

Hospital Benchmarking System

Linenweb® Hospital Benchmarking

This allows inefficient linen management performance, opportunities for improvement and cost savings to be rapidly identified. The system also provides savings estimates that you can achieve in each identified department and across the whole hospital. Savings of up to $200,000 or more have been identified for many of our larger hospital customers when they first start using the system.

The Linenweb® Hospital Benchmarking System uses our specially developed data analysis tools based on our extensive industry knowledge to quickly sift through the data and highlight areas for improvement. You can then drill down to develop a focused plan for each area and training program that can be applied on site.

This allows hospitals to quickly optimize linen inventories and realize significant cost savings by achieving and maintaining best practice in linen management.

The Linenweb® Hospital Benchmarking System is a standard module provided at no additional charge with our Linenweb® Hospital System and our Linenweb® Pro System when used with the Linen Management option.

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