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Linenweb® Hospital System

Top hospital linen system

Here’s a linen system that hospitals can benefit. We created the best hospital linen system in the world.

The Linenweb® Hospital System is the world’s leading linen management system and tracking system for today’s Hospitals and also the first that is fully internet based. The system accurately records and tracks linen deliveries, linen inventory and linen costs.

Hospitals can access a wide range of valuable reports which allow the tracking of unit usage, allocation of unit costs, analysis of unit performance, tracking of patient days and potentially big dollar savings through inventory optimization and best practice bench marking.

Usage data can be entered through the PC or by using convenient handheld mobile units with built-n bar-code scanners. There is a wide range of user manageable functions including stock, inventory, departments, par levels plus a wide range of linen costing options.

The expensive range of reports are available in either printed or Excel format, and easily accessible anywhere you have internet available providing you meet the required security. A range of graphs are also available along with a “my favorites” report facility.

The system is currently deployed in over 2,000 large and small hospitals worldwide, including many of the world’s most prestigious and best known healthcare facilities. It can be deployed as a single hospital system, a system across a multi-hospital group or integrated as part of a single or multi-laundry operation.

The Linenweb® Hospital System is implemented quickly and backed up by our comprehensive 24 x 7 support services. User training can be provided either on-site or through our unique E-Training system.

Linenweb Hospital System

Hospital Linen Management System and Report

Hospital Linen Management Report & Analytics

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