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Linenweb® Pro System

Hotel RFID

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Hotel RFID System

The best hotel rfid system

The Linenweb® Pro system combines our world renown Linen Management and Tracking System with options for Uniform Management, RFID Item Tracking and Curtain Management. This makes is the Linenweb® Pro System the complete textile management solution for today’s leading Hospitals and Hotels.

Linenweb Pro System, Linen Management System

The Linen Management system accurately records and tracks linen deliveries, linen inventory and linen costs. Hospitals can access a wide range of valuable reports which allow the tracking of unit usage, allocation of unit costs, analysis of unit performance, tracking of patient days and potentially big dollar savings through inventory optimization and best practice benchmarking. Hotels can closely manage linen inventories, usage and costs in rooms, restaurants, conference centers and resort facilities.

RFID Item Tracking, Uniform Management System

Through use of the RFID Item Tracking and Uniform Management System options, the Linenweb® Pro System becomes a highly effective tool to eliminate losses throughout the facility. RFID scan stations can be integrated with security cameras, alarms, guest billing systems etc to automate loss detection and recovery.

In addition, other assets can be tagged to extend loss protection functionality (TVs, coffee percolators, crockery, computers etc.)

Linenweb® Pro also has an optional Curtain Management System for hospitals and hotels. This provides the optimal solution for tracking and managing cubical curtains and drapes used throughout the hospital or hotel.

This ensues regular rotation and cleaning of all curtains, thereby minimizing the spread of infection, enhancing cleanliness of wards and is in full compliance with the new Joint Commission (JCAHO) hospital accreditation standards.

The Linenweb® Pro System is implemented quickly and backed up by our comprehensive 24 x 7 support services. User training can be provided either on-site or through our unique E-Training system.

Linenweb Pro System, Linen Management System

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