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Linenweb® Uniform Management System

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The Linenweb® Uniform Management System provides the complete solution for managing the production, administration and customer service of uniforms for today’s modern, sophisticated laundries. The system uses the latest RFID technologies to identify and track each item, capturing and storing extensive history.

This allows for high levels of automation of uniform process lines, detailed stockroom management, customer inventory management and loss minimization. Administration is streamlined with a wide range of invoice charge options and linkage to the built-in purchasing system.

Linenweb® Uniform Management System

Customer service is greatly improved with uniform shipping and route management, delivery and collection validation, customer sales and complaints tracking along with highly accurate invoicing and an extensive array of management reports.

Customers can interact directly through their personalized Customer Internet Portal available 24×7 to manage employee uniform allocation, report issues (broken zippers, missing buttons etc), view work in progress, view and pay their invoices, run their own reports or search for lost and found items.

If required, our unique auto-allocation system can be utilized as an option. This uses the latest Linenweb® RFID Smart Shelf technology to auto-assign uniform items to staff as they take them from the shelves, and can be used in place of expensive dedicated uniform machines or scrub systems.

The system can link with your automated uniform lines or corporate IT applications to provide extensive levels of process automation and reporting. Mobile computers are available to cover delivery signature validation, real-time truck locator, remote ordering, GPS navigation and inventory audits.

Linenweb® uses the latest internet technologies and allows you and your customers to interact securely through the web. The system comes “turnkey” for customers worldwide with RFID tags and scanners, a full suite of installation and training services, plus our comprehensive 24 x 7 support and management services.

Uniform allocation to individual employees managed either by laundry or by the customer through personalized internet portal.

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